Email Phishing Scam Warning: User Account Registration

There have been reports of an email being sent by requesting users ‘redo’ their registration with a link to our libproxy server. This server facilitates remote access to our online databases and journals. Please do not click on any links on the email as it is a phishing scam. You can also forward the e-mail to

The body of the email reads:
In order to provide efficient service for your account and prevent any abuse of it, please redo the registration of your user account quickly in the link below.
Temple University Library 1719 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Adobe Digital Editions 4 Privacy Concerns

Recent reports have indicated that the Adobe Digital Editions software used by libraries around the world to check-out and download ebooks has been logging and sending back to Adobe un-encrypted information about users’ reading histories.  This issue seems to be limited to Adobe Digital Editions version 4.
Ebooks provided by Temple University Libraries are currently only available for reading online and/or for download as PDF files, and do not use the affected Adobe Digital Editions software.  Temple users concerned about their privacy may still want to consider uninstalling the Adobe Digital Editions 4 software if it is being used for ebooks provided from another source.  Adobe Digital Editions 3 does not appear to compromise user privacy and could be installed in place of version 4.