It’s True. College Students Use the Library Website More Than Social Networking Sites

Not that we’d ever run through campus shouting “We’re Number One”, but a set of data from the latest Chronicle Almanac does lead one to conclude that the greatest majority of college students indicate they use the library website at least once a week. While the students indicate they use a social networking site daily – only 90% of them can make that claim. That’s good enough for us to proclaim that we’re tops. And if it’s published in the Chronicle of Higher Education then it must be true.

Chart listing percentage of students by internet and computer activity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Activities include: using the libraries web site, using presentation software, text messaging, social networking sites, and learning management systems, (linked to larger version).

The Library Website Tops Social Networking Sites

Please Share Your Feedback On Our New Website

After many years of maintaining its current website, the Temple University Libraries is poised to move to an entirely new design for its website.On Thursday, July 12, 2012 the new website made its debut. We hope you find the new design refreshing – and that it makes your experience using our library resources much better. Please use the feedback link in the upper right corner of the homepage to tell us what you think of the site – what can we continue to improve?

For the past several months a preview of the website has been available to the campus community, and we have received encouraging positive feedback about the new look of the website, which is more streamlined, less cluttered with links and makes use of more visual content.

Screenshot of proposed new look for the Libraries' web site.

Temple Libraries New Website Design

The Libraries’ Summon search, which is a great starting point for research in almost any subject area, is the focal point of the new homepage design. A tabbed approach allows for easy navigation to other types of search modes and other sections of the website. We’ve added the daily hours right on the homepage, and an instant messaging tool allows for quick communication with library staff when help is needed.

Please know that some areas of the site are still being refined, and it is possible you will encounter a broken link or some other minor problem. If that happens, please contact us – using the feedback link on the homepage – to let us know of any problem. We hope to keep improving our website so that all of our community members will have the best possible experience using the Temple Libraries.