Quiet Please! A Guide To No-Noise Zones in the Library

Looking for a quiet space at Paley Library? There are plenty of them. You just have to know where to look. We actually have several designated study spaces, and other spaces that are generally much quieter than others. If you are looking for a quiet study space the first place to avoid is the computer area on the west side of the first floor. It’s noisy, and that’s all right with us. However, we are promoting the east side of the first floor, with plenty of individual study carrels, as a quiet zone. Please respect those studying in this area.

Noisy Socializing – 1st Floor – West Side quietarea3.JPG
Quiet Study – 1st Floor – East Side quietarea2.JPG
We have also dedicated one entire side of the second and third levels to quite study. Those who want to generate more noise or work in groups should avoid these areas. Look for these signs as you head up to the upper levels.


You may also be unaware that since we moved the magazines and journals to the east side of the first floor the lower level area is currently being used as a study space and it’s one of the quietest spaces in the library. (Edit (9/23/08): Lower level is no longer available for studying as it is being transformed into the forthcoming media services area.)


And don’t forget that there are study rooms, available on a first come first serve basis, scattered all around the outer edges of the second and third floors. If you are in a no-noise zone and fellow students are creating some disturbance, we recommend that you politely ask them to respect the quiet areas of the library. If that doesn’t seem to work you are encouraged to seek assistance from a library staff member.

– Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian

New Carpet and Chairs Improve Study Spaces

We hear you. You’ve told us you want better study spaces – and as much of it as we can provide. To better accommodate the needs of our library user community we’ve recently upgraded several spaces on the second and third floors of the Paley Library. These areas are all newly carpeted and new, comfortable chairs, many with tablet arms, are available in several of the improved study areas. Here are photos of two of the nine enhanced study spaces: Thumbnail image for studyarea2.JPGThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for studyarea1.JPG These new study spaces will be found on the far ends of both the second and third floors of Paley Library. Look for them in center and/or corners of these areas. We hope you enjoy these improved spaces. If you would like to provide feedback or suggestions for additional enhancements, please use our suggestion form.

– Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian