Jakobsen Lecture Available on iTunes U

Distinguished professor of women’s studies, Janet Jakobsen of Barnard College, lectured at Paley on April 7. Dr. Jakobsen is the Director of the Center for Research on Women at Barnard. Her research interests include: feminist and queer ethics; religion, gender, and sexuality in American public life; social movements and feminist alliance politics; and global issues of economics. Jakobsen’s research truly crosses disciplinary boundaries, and her engagement with a number of issues crosses the traditional lines established between the academy and activism. This lecture was part of a series presented by the Libraries and the General Education Program, which aims to bring interdisciplinary scholars in a variety of fields to Temple. The departments of Religion and Jewish Studies also played a significant role in sponsoring Dr. Jakobsen’s visit. Dr. Jakobsen’s lecture at Paley Library can be downloaded from iTunes U. When you see the Temple University page, click Paley Library at the bottom, then Janet Jakobsen, then click “Get” and wait for the download to complete. After the lecture, Dr. Jakobsen was interviewed by Professor of History, David Watt, and Professor of Religion, Women’s Studies, and Jewish Studies, Laura Levitt.

Asad’s Lecture Available at iTunes U

On Wednesday, February 13, 2008, Dr. Talal Asad gave a timely, relevant lecture on violence in contemporary culture at Paley Library’s Lecture Hall. Asad, an influential anthropologist who has impacted anthropology, history, religious. area studies and other disciplines, spoke to a standing room only crowd.

To make this important event available to the widest possible audience, Temple University Libraries, the Center for Humanities and the General Education Program, sponsors of this event, are pleased to make a video recording of Asad’s lecture available on Temple University’s iTunes U (link will open iTunes, you must have iTunes to view the video). If you were unable to attend the event, this is an opportunity to share in the experience. In the image below, Dr. Asad takes questions from the audience.

Thumbnail image for 021308_Paley_Talal_Asad_Lecture_018.jpg (Click on the image to open iTunes and view the video.) Note that you must have iTunes software installed on your computer in order to use iTunes U. Feel free to direct any comments to Nicole Restaino, Library Communications Manager, at . Visit our Library Events Blog to find out about upcoming lectures, programs, and events offered by the Temple University Libraries.