Historical Statistics of the United States, Millennial Edition

Temple University Libraries has acquired Historical Statistics of the United States: Earliest Times to the Present, Millennial Edition (c2006). This resource is available not only online but as a 5-volume print work located in Paley Library’s 1st floor reference stacks. The Millennial edition is a greatly updated and expanded version of the previous 2-volume 1970 edition, which has been available both online and in print for many years. The online Millennial edition represents a major step forward in the researcher’s ability to gather and compare historical U.S. statistics. “It has now been expanded to include over 37,000 data series, which is three times more than the previous edition. This edition includes dozens of new topics including slavery, American Indians, and poverty” (HSUS Introduction, Cambridge Online). Topics are “placed in historical context by a recognized expert in the field. The fully searchable and downloadable electronic edition . . . permits users to graph individual tables and create customized tables and spreadsheets reflecting their own particular areas of interest” (ibid.). Additional features include: * Save your search criteria * Search within a chapter or volume * Bookmark tables or essays * Searchable term and contributor indexes * View tables in PDF or HTML format * Tables online include full documentation, sources, and footnotes * Select certain years or series of years to view, download, print, or graph * Download unrounded table data, for more detailed statistical analyses. * Enhanced table display features: jump to a certain table column (series), skip over blank data cells, highlight table rows and columns for readability * Toggle table sorting by ascending or descending year * Create and download colorful charts, graphs, and plots * Email a table or essay to a colleague –David C. Murray

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