The Statue of General Galusha Pennypacker

Galusha Pennypacker’s View

Galusha: Greetings Enkidu of Uruk! It is an honor to meet you! I have many stories of your conquests, discoveries, and victories.

Enkidu: You are too kind, who are you?

Galusha: I am Galusha Pennypacker, a Union general from the 1800’s.

Enkidu: Is that all? Anybody can be a general. Do you have anything else of note?

Galusha: I am in fact the to this day the youngest person to hold the rank of brigadier general in the U.S. Army. I was 20 years old at the time. My greatest moment of war came at the Second Battle of Fort Fisher. My authority and heroics is why I am called the hero of Fort Fisher.

Enkidu: Meh… if you were all that, how did you die?

Galusha: 52 years after the war, I died from complications caused by my injuries from the war.

Enkidu: Scrub.

Galusha: Who are you calling a scrub, didn’t you die from a cold?

Enkidu: Touche.

Galusha: Anyway, how come your statue is so expensive, how did you get all that?

Enkidu: My boy Gilgamesh gets paper and pimped my ride for eternity.

Galusha: Lucky. The Philadelphians didn’t like me THAT much but they did make me ripped so that’s pretty cool.

Enkidu: Well it was cool to meet you, I guess. I’m gonna get back to listening to my friend cry over my death.

Galusha: Good to meet you as well.