“Government of the People”

A family (father, mother, and child) serve as a “wellspring of life,” the base of an inverted human pyramid displaying the structure of society.  A young couple is on the top to represent the “hope and future of society.”  The monument plays with the ideas of reliance and mutual support and dedication via the interlocking of different figures.


The monument’s view from the front is of City Hall (pictured left), possibly signifying a promising future for those who help one another.  The monument’s posterior view is of a quaint courtyard littered with human-sized chess pieces, frequented by skaters.


Father:  Here we are.  We have come full circle.  We were once at the top of this pyramid, relying on our elders for support and now, years later, we are the life of this community.

Mother: Yes, honey, you’re right.   And to think, one day our son will also participate in this brilliant cycle of mutual symbiosis.

Gilgamesh: Hello.

Father: Hello.  Who are you?

Gilgamesh: I am Gilgamesh, who are you?

Father: We are the foundation of society.

Gilgamesh: You and your wife? Ha… I should inform you that I am what real royalty looks like.  I am Gilgamesh, ruler of Uruk.

Mother:  Oh so you are a figure of government?  Surely you cannot be a symbol of democracy… where is the representation of the citizens over which you rule?

Gilgamesh: Such is not the way I govern.

Father: Surely not.  You alone stand the full height of our pyramid which showcases all our peoples.

Gilgamesh:  I respect your people’s solidarity.

Mother: It is essential for society to flourish.  Hopefully you treat your citizens with the same respect.

Father: After all, the reliance on one another is the root of strength.  The key to a long satisfying life lies in how you treat those around you.

Young Couple on Top of Pyramid: And eventually, you may live to see the people whom you’ve supported be able to flourish. [Young couple show a grateful smile to Father and Mother, thanking them for all their support in getting them to where they are now]

[Gilgamesh silently reminisces the instances in which he ripped daughters from their families and disrespected his subjects]

Gilgamesh: So that’s the key to meaningful immortality, eh?  Perhaps I may have a thing or two to learn.