General Tadeusz Kosciuszko



His actual view.

General Tadeusz Kosciuszko: “How goes it, stranger, do you enjoy the great city of Philadelphia?”

Enkidu Statue: “Greetings, I am Enkidu of Uruk. As for this city, I feel as though I do not belong here, I am made of gold and shine, while everyone else is made of dark metals.”

GTK: “Ah, I am General Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Why are you made of gold? What greatness had you achieved in your life to earn such prestige?”

E: “I was friend of a great and powerful man named Gilgamesh, together we slew the beast Humbaba, created by the gods.”

GTK: “Ah a fellow hero of battle, I fought in two wars of freedom, once to free the United States from England, and again to defend Poland from Russia.”

E: “So you truly are great as well, do you believe you will continue to go down in history remembered for such victory and contributions?”

GTK: “I do, as long as the nations of the United States and Poland continue to stand, I will remain in the memories of the people for my part in leading the armies of these lands to victory and freedom. The ideals of freedom and self government that I fought for will reign for hundreds of years to come.”

E: “I fear I cannot say the same about my achievements. While slaying Humbaba was a glorious deed in my time, I believe people will soon realize that my actions were against the will of the gods, and they will come to reject them.”

GTK: “It is unfortunate that you will not be remembered properly for the dangers you faced. It is understandable that times change, and reckless glory seeking is perhaps not something that should be idolized.”

E: “I disagree, those who do great deeds should be remembered for it.”

GTK: “I believe it is more important that your actions have a positive effect, rather than simply being great.”

E: “Perhaps that is true, I certainly should have tried harder to stop Gilgamesh from hunting Humbaba.”

GTK: “I am glad you are able to reflect on your actions humbly. It was great talking with you.”

E: “It was nice to hear of your life as well, thank you.”