Side view of the monument

View of the monument with boathouse row in the background

What the Nathanael Greene Monument sees

General Nathanael Greene: ” Greetings good sir I am General Nathanael Greene,  how are you enjoying this beautiful weather in the great city of Philadelphia”.

Enkidu Statue: ” Greetings, noble one I am Enkidu of Uruk, it is very pleasant here”.  However, I have still yet to see a city that can match the beauty of my beloved Uruk. Where do you hail from?

GNG: ” I myself am from this great country the United States of America. The country that I fought for with my life to gain its freedom. Many refer to me as one of the most gifted and talented generals in the war”.

E: ” Ahh, I see you’re a distinguished man of battle as well. I too am remembered by many as a great warrior and brave hero. However, I feel my reputation will be tarnished because of my disobedience to the god”.

GNG: ” Good man, do not fret. One thing that I have learned through these years is that it is impossible to be adored by all. I see that you are a good man as I to have done things in battle that I regret”.

E: ” Your words are very kind, however as time has passed many believe that my actions are controversial and that any honor in my name should be removed”.

GNG: ” I see it is always difficult to evaluate and analyze historical figure such as us in a different time period and with a different context. However, I will always be able to rest peacefully because I myself believe that my actions were for the greater good”.

E: ” You are very wise General Greene. Your words connect with me immensely”.

E: ” General Greene how is Philadelphia as a city”.

GNG:” Philadelphia is a splendid city it is an extremely diverse and working man city, and Philadelphians sure love their cheesesteaks and Eagles”.

E: ” Wow, this sounds like a splendid city. It was great conversing with you General Greene.”

GNG: ” Same to you Enkidu it was a pleasure”.