Notes from the Littell Project: Transcription


Phila., Pa.
April 8, 1943

Dear Frank, Harriet, & Jeannie,

It seems a long time ago the we were to to see you. I’d like to get up again. I’ll try to before I leave here.
I still haven’t heard from my appeal and thus am held up on any future plans. A friend of mine at Swarthmore who has been about a month ahead of me on his appeal just got his IV-E the other day, so I ought to hear soon. I’ve investigated everything possible and have arrived at the conclusion that two paths are open to me. 1) – If I get IV-E and can get into the Haverford Unit, to take their 15 months course which would give


me History, language, International Relations plus a course in Quaker Philosophy or History, along with practical First Aid and automobile mechanics. The last three months are to be spent in a work camp. I could shorten this down considerably as I have had much of it and could probably graduate in a year (9 months). I have applied and feel that I will be accepted if they are allowed to continue. General Hershey has come out recently with some ruling that would practically abolish CPS Reserves. Unless he reconsiders, it will be impossible for me to get i n. I will start July 1st and will need my IV-E by then. or — 2) Got to CPS choosing a camp the will give me the best training along the lines of Foreign Service and go from


The China Unit is definitely going largely due to Madame Chiang Kai-Shek and the Chinese govt., who requested its release. No other areas are open but this is a foothold. It is to be a 70 man unit chosen from CPS and trained at Haverford or Swarthmore. I’ll have to get IV-E if I am to be eligible for it. It is the only chance of Foreign Service I have–I’m hot on its trail at the Service Committee and am going to talk to Nelson Fuson about it soon. Competition will be stiff for positions and there will be many men who have been in CPS longer, are older, and better trained than I, so I may not make it the first time, but I ought to in time, especially if I get the Haverford training.


I get out to Bryn Athyn and to other places in the country often enough so I can stand it here, but I wish something would turn up to get me out of here, as I despise the city.
Have you seen John and Annie since that night we were there?
Things seem to be going pretty well at home. they have ten head of cattle now! It certainly is a treat to get butter etc, from home.
I’m beginning to get more time to read and hope to get a lot done that way including your “Birthday Book”. Thanks a lot for it–I’ve read some of Nabokov before and find him interesting for the most part.
Going to N.Y. Sat. to National A.A.V. Wrestling Tournament. Scotty + 4 Cornell boys will be there.

Love to all,


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