Temple Tableau Users Group

In my November 2019 blog post, I like to use Tableau to develop data dashboards GenEd. There is a rapidly growing Tableau community in Temple, which now has its own user group. To learn more, visit the Temple Tableau getting started page here.

We held our first user’s group meeting (virtually — thanks Covid 19), Friday, May 15th, which was recorded. (Here is the link, but you need to be a Temple community member to watch.)

Meeting Agenda

  • Quick introduction to the User Group
  • An Introduction to Blue and Green pills — fundamental to understanding Tableau
  • Data Owl tab in Tuportal

User Group

A survey or our user group showed we have a wide range of Tableau skill levels, though no one claimed to be on their way to becoming a Zen Master.

Blue and Green Pills

The introduction to Blue and Green pills includes a nice publicly-available tutorial on a concept that confuses a lot of new users. We viewed a different video, but this one publicly available on YouTube covers the same concepts.

Data Owl tab in Tuportal

TuPortal, Temple’s one-stop stop for all things Temple web-related, will soon have a new tab — DataOwl– that will be home to Tableau dashboards of general interest to the Temple community. The Temple IT team already has a number of candidate dashboards in the works. Eventually, Temple will likely replace the Temple Fact Book, currently available only as a PDF download, with a series of dashboards that I will encourage a deeper exploration of all things Temple!


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