Dr. Nyquist wins Harold Mooney Award, September 2011

Dr. Nyquist received the Harold Mooney Award the fall meeting of the Near Service Section of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists in San Antonio, TX.  Here is letter from NSG president, Klaus Holliger

Dear Jonathan,
On behalf of SEG’s Near Surface Geophysics Section (NSGS), I would like to congratulate you on being the winner of the 2011 Harold Mooney Award.  John Bradford and Mark Dunscomb highlighted your numerous contributions and long-standing service to the near surface geophysics community with admiration and enthusiasm, which the section’s executive committee and I fully share. While your list of your contributions and achievements is too long to be reiterated here, I do want to explicitly commend you on your persistent and selfless efforts to improve the collaboration between SEG and the Environmental and Engineering Geophysics Society (EEGS), as whose president-elect, president, past-president who have served from 2009 through 2011. In my assessment, this in itself would have made you a very worthy candidate for this award. It therefore goes without saying that I am very happy about choice made by the NSGS executive committee.
Well done Jonathan and congratulations again for having joined the select and distinguished group of Money Award winners:  John Bradford (2010), Louise Pellerin (2009), Jianghai Xia (2008), Deborah Underwood (2007), Bill Doll (2006), Phillip Romig, Jr. (2005), Ken Stokoe (2004), Jim Hunter (2003), Mats Lagmanson (2002), Charles Stoyer (2001), Gary Olhoeft (1999), Doug Crice (1998), Duncan MacNeill (1997), Peter Annan (1996), Rick Miller (1995).
Thank again so much you for your continued service to our community!
Best wishes,
Klaus Holliger
President of NSGS
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