Beyond the Notes with Anne Harlow!

[ensemblevideo version=”5.6.0″ content_type=”video” id=”5b89a062-02c3-42d3-ac3f-e2a72497e8df” width=”848″ height=”477″ displaytitle=”true” autoplay=”false” showcaptions=”false” hidecontrols=”true” displaysharing=”false” displaycaptionsearch=”true” displayattachments=”true” audiopreviewimage=”true” isaudio=”false” displaylinks=”true” displaymetadata=”false” displaydateproduced=”true” displayembedcode=”false” displaydownloadicon=”false” displayviewersreport=”false” embedasthumbnail=”false” displayaxdxs=”false” embedtype=”responsive” forceembedtype=”false” name=”Anne Harlow talks about Beyond the Notes” description=”Sara Wilson and Kaitlyn Semborski interview Anne Harlow to learn more about Anne and Beyond the Notes”]

Flute playing

Concert in Charles Library Atrium

The librarians from arts, humanities, and media went behind the scenes to learn more about Beyond the Notes, an innovative and groundbreaking program that brings professional and student musicians to the stage and screens of the Charles Library community. Since it was first initiated in 2014 in Paley Library, Anne Harlow has served as the inspiration, organizer, educator, and lead cheerleader for Beyond the Notes.

We enlisted Sara Wilson and Kaitlyn Semborski of Library Outreach and Communications, who help with planning these

playing the violin

Shannon Merlino performs

performances, to interview Anne Harlow, which they recorded on November 2, 2020. As Anne herself acknowledges, Beyond the Notes is a group effort that enlists the help of library and facilities staff and, of course, the extraordinary faculty and students of the Boyer College of Music and Dance. Kudos to all those who have contributed to making these performances so memorable.

From Paley to Charles to Zoom World, Beyond the Notes has wrapped performance, books, ideas, and pleasure into a singular experience that enriches the university and demonstrates the centrality of the modern academic library. Since this interview, Beyond the Notes has been as busy as ever, with the following programs. The show must go on!

Classical guitar music in Paley Library

Classical guitar music in Paley Library

If you missed any of these programs, check out these recordings and visit the Charles Library website for news and updates on future Beyond the Notes performances.

—Fred Rowland