Call for Submissions: Comparative Feminist Philosophy

Liberating Traditions: Essays in Feminist Comparative Philosophy Edited by: Ashby Butnor and Jen McWeeny Feminist comparative philosophy is the practice of integrating feminist and non-Western philosophical traditions in an innovative way, while still being mindful of the unique particularity of each, in order to envision and enact a more liberatory world. East-West comparative philosophy and feminist philosophy already share much in terms of methodology: a hermeneutic of openness and respect for difference, a crossing of philosophical boundaries and traditions, a rejection of the dichotomy of theory and practice, and the pursuit of new ways of looking at the world. In this volume, we seek to show how bringing diverse philosophical traditions into dialogue with each other can provide fresh insights on questions of specific interest to feminists and global theorists generally. Comparative themes may include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Theories of Embodiment, Gender, or Personhood
  • The Hermeneutics of Cross-Cultural/Cross-World Dialogue
  • Philosophical Practice & Marginalization
  • The Phenomenology of Liberatory and/or Spiritual Practice
  • Philosophical Responses to Globalization, Imperialism, and De-Colonization
  • Intersectional Selves: Culture, Race,Tradition, Sexuality, etc.
  • Embodied Epistemologies
  • Conceptions of Moral Agents & Actions
  • Theories of Emotion
  • Persons, Communities, and the State
  • Liberatory Aesthetics
  • Comparative Metaphysics
  • Pathways to Liberation

We seek any philosophical papers that engage the intersection of feminist and non- Western philosophies. Although the collection will primarily consist of comparative essays involving Asian traditions, such as Indian philosophy, Chinese philosophy, or Japanese philosophy, we also invite submissions that address North/South comparative philosophy, including African, Latin American, and indigenous philosophies. Abstract Deadline (500 words): March 1, 2008 Completed Paper Deadline: July 1, 2008 Preliminary selection based on abstracts. Final selection based on completed papers (20-25 pgs. total). E-mail submissions and inquiries to both or