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Improving on the Charles Library Welcome 

Walking into the vast atrium space of Charles Library is awe-inspiring. It can also be overwhelming, particularly to new students when the semester first starts.  While we have many ways of counter-acting that feeling – helpful security guards, Emily Schiller’s … Continue reading

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The Continuous Process of Keeping Our Student Workers “Up to Speed”    

The One Stop Assistance Desk could not function without our student workers. Making sure they are supported in the highly visible and essential work they do, managing desk duties when we’re at home asleep, is critical. Stefan Del Cotto, the student … Continue reading

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Springtime Refresh at Ambler

Continuous improvement is a kind of assessment that we don’t usually think of as assessment per se – there are no statistics, there isn’t a formal plan for data collection, and our efforts may not result in a report to … Continue reading

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An Assessment of the 2016 Strategic Planning Retreat

Assessment and strategic planning go together – we can’t assess when we don’t know what we’re aiming for. In that spirit, this post reports on the Library/Press 2nd Annual Strategic Action Planning Retreat, hosted by the SAWG16 working group. The … Continue reading

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