Amber Davidson mentioned in the Temple University Graduate Student Newsletter

Social and Behavioral Sciences PhD Students Shine

Returning students in the College of Public Health’s SBS PhD program are riding a wave of success as they aim for another productive year. Last year, they published or had in press 16 peer-reviewed journal articles, with eight as first authors, and collaborated on 21 peer-reviewed conference presentations, 12 as presenting first authors. Two students, university fellow Ariel Hoadley and part-time student/full-time employee Amber Davidson, were particularly productive. For Amber, this means being currently funded by not one, not two, but three research grants as a PI or multi-PI. Last year, she was awarded two new grants: a mentored research grant ($10,000) from ARDRAW (Analyzing Relationships between Disability, Rehabilitation and Work) as PI; and another research grant ($15,000) as co-PI with Dr. Beth Pfeiffer.  She also submitted five journal articles (three as co-author, one as first author, and another under review) and had four first-author presentations at conferences. As for Ariel, she was a co-author on seven peer-reviewed journal articles (two as first author) and made it into double digits on presentations: a whopping 11, with three as first author. Congratulations, SBS doctoral students!

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