Participation and Sensory Environment Questionnaire (PSEQ) and Parent Effort Scale (PES)

Beth Pfeiffer and her team have developed two new measures of the sensory environment to be used by parents of children in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The PSEQ assesses the impact of the sensory environment on a child’s participation in everyday activities at home and in the community.  The PES measures how much effort a parent must put out to support their child to participate in everyday activities. This study is in ongoing data collection so parents are encouraged to use the tool.  The data provided will allow for future refinement of the tool. Since this is still a funded research study, parents will be asked to sign informed consent and complete some demographics prior to completing the assessment when they click on the link.  Scores are automatically calculated and sent to parent via email.

learn more or use the tool by going to the PSEQ/PES Website.