Toolkit for Remote Inclusive Research

It’s always important to include people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in research teams. It’s even more important to include people with IDD in research during public health emergencies. That’s because people with IDD can be most at risk during the emergency. This toolkit gives strategies that research teams can use to work remotely with people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) during public health emergencies.

This toolkit:

  • Is designed for research team leaders who want to include research team members with IDD.
  • Includes descriptions of strategies that can be used across different stages of a research process. For each strategy, the toolkit also includes:
    • Accommodations to make sure everyone on the team can participate
    • Adaptations to use strategies during remote collaboration
    • Accessible resources for team members, such as video directions for frequently used technologies and forms that can be individualized for your project
    • Suggestions of free and low-cost technologies that teams can use to collaborate remotely
    • Examples of other research projects that have used each strategy and accommodation

Download our factsheet Toolkit for Remote Inclusive Research!

Access the online version here.

*Downloading and using toolkit files is a little different than other types of file. The toolkit is shared as a .zip file. Once you locate it in your downloads folder, double click to “unzip”, then select the file labeled “Start-here.htm“. For more detailed instructions on opening the toolkit on a PC or Mac, use the guide below.