Peer Support to Engage People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in Research

This toolkit is designed for:

  • Researchers with IDD who want to use peer support to engage their peers with IDD in research
  • Research team leaders, who may or may not have a disability, who want to use peer support to include more people with IDD on their teams.

The toolkit includes information about:

  • What is peer support?*
  • Roles and strategies for peer supporters*
  • How peer support can be used during research engagement
  • Ways peer supporters can help across the phases of research
  • Information about recruiting and hiring
  • Considerations for supports and accommodations
  • As of 9/1/2023 – Priorities for Transition Research and Services Addition with information on what individuals with IDD think is import for research and transition services.

* These sections of the toolkit were designed for use by researchers with IDD.

Download our factsheets Peer Support Toolkit! Transition Priorities Addition!

This accessible, HTML toolkit operates on any device and does not require Internet access to use.

Download the Peer Support Toolkit including the Research and Transition Priorities Addition here!

*Downloading and using toolkit files is a little different than other types of file. The toolkit is shared as a .zip file. When you click on the link above, you will first need to select “download” to get the toolkit onto your hard drive. Once you locate it in your downloads folder, double click to “unzip”, then select the file labeled “Start-here.htm“. For more detailed instructions on opening the toolkit on a PC or Mac, use the guide below.

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