First-Floor Copiers Are Always Out of Paper

The copiers on the first-floor of Paley always seem to be running out of paper. One of the library staff told me today that an outside company has to come in and refill the paper in the copiers. This seems incredibly inefficient. Why not do it in-house?


Thanks for sharing your concerns about the problem you had with our photocopiers. Do keep in mind that we have additional copiers on all the other floors of the library. So there are other options if the first floor copiers are out of paper or otherwise malfunctioning.


You did hear correctly that we use Xerox to supply our photocopiers.  Many academic libraries outsource photocopying services.  In our case, Xerox  provides the machines, handles all paper & toner, and keeps the revenue under a contract with Temple University’s Business Services office.   To manage this properly in-house we would need one or two  full-time staff to do nothing but supply paper and count coins — that’s not an efficient use of students’ tuition dollars.   Like any outsourced service it occasionally works less well than we’d like. Because Xerox owns those copiers and the paper they lock the trays so we can’t access them. Therefore we depend on regular visits from a technician who keep the machines stocked and in good working order. When we get to the busiest times of the semester the paper is depleted much faster. We do our best to keep Xerox on their toes but problems will occur.


We have already been in touch with Xerox and Temple Business Services about the paper situation.  We can’t guarantee an immediate improvement, but we will work to make sure our photocopiers are up and running on a regular basis.