Paley Library Needs Much Better Wi-Fi Service

The wi-fi service at the library is very bad.  There are only certain areas within the library where I can get connected to the internet.  I really want to start using the library to start studying now, especially because the tech center is full always packed with people, who never really study and just socialize.  But it’s difficult to do so because of the difficulty in connected to wi-fi.  If it helps, I have  mac book pro, running on Mac OSX. Thanks for reading!

Thank you for writing to share your concerns about the wi-fi connectivity in Paley Library. We are aware that it can be a challenge to get a good connection, consistently, throughout Paley. Please keep in mind that when this building was constructed in 1963 no one could have imagined we’d need wireless connectivity. The very nature of this building, with all the concrete, pillars, bookstacks, etc. make it very difficult to get good wi-fi coverage throughout the facility. We’ve had several wireless audits by Temple’s telecommunications department and it would be extremely expensive to outfit the building with the necessary equipment to improve the wi-fi everywhere.

That said, we plan to continue to work with Computer Services and Network Services to look for ways to improve the wi-fi in Paley. We see many students with laptops who are already on the wireless network, and we know this is extremely important to our student and faculty community. For now you have the right idea. Find a location in the library that you know has stable wireless, and make that your study space. You might try the Media Services area on the lower level of Paley if you’ve not studied there before. Thanks again for submitting this suggestion.