A Microwave Oven Would Be Nice To Keep My Coffee Hot

I spend most of my days and nights in the library completing research for my thesis, however. Often times during these long sessions I am accompanied with coffee which often gets cold fast. In order to heat it up, I have to leave my stuff unattended (of pack it all up with me) and run over to 7Eleven. With all of this said, I would love it if the library could add a microwave on the first floor by the lounge eatery section. This would be a great amenity. 

If we understand this request correctly, you’d like to have us add a microwave oven to the Paley Perk, which is the Paley Library cafe. It’s an interesting suggestion and we will follow up on this. However, please bear in mind that the Paley Perk is operated by the Sodexho food service organization, and therefore it would be up to them to decide if (a) they would buy and add a microwave and (b) if the University would allow a microwave oven to be supplied in that area. So we can make this request/suggestion, but we really don’t know if it is possible. We can only ask. While we agree that it would be nice for those who want to heat up their cold beverages, we do admit to just a bit of concern about others using it to heat up their pizza slices, cold pork lo mein and just about any other substance students might throw into an unsupervised microwave oven. Besides possible unforeseen hazards, would you be willing to come and clean the insides of the microwave oven once a week?