Desk Staff Need To Be Attentive

I find it frustrating when I approach one of the Library’s service desks and the student workers are looking at a device, reading a book or otherwise not paying attention. Then I feel like I have to interrupt that person in order to get their assistance. How about reminding the students that they need to have their heads up so they are more approachable and are ready to assist us library users.

Thank you for sharing your observations with us. Our objective is to give Temple University community members the highest quality service, and if any members of our staff are not meeting that expectation than we need to fix that problem. Students who work at public service desks do receive customer service training so they are aware of the importance of being approachable and ready to assist. At our Circulation/Reserve Desk the students are not allowed to use any personal electronic devices when they are working at the desk so they are not distracted by these devices.

Your concerns will be shared with all the library staff who supervise the students who work at the service desks so that we can work to improve the quality of the service. However, if you feel, at any time, that you are not getting the quality service you expect, \you and all Temple community members are welcome to speak to the unit supervisor. You can ask to speak with that person at any desk or you have access to our complete staff directory if you prefer to contact the unit head by phone or email.