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The CARE Lab’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts


Organizations We Love (OWLs)

The CARE Lab has generated a list of 309 Organizations We Love (OWLs) that strive to make cybersecurity and STEM opportunities and experiences accessible to underrepresented groups: Women: 106; Black: 56; Indigenous/Native American: 11; Latinx/Hispanic: 19; Asian: 11; LGBTQIA+: 14; Youth: 58; and Disability: 4. We are actively working with these groups to promote our events. We have also shared this list with the wider community. We hope that others engage with these communities for research, education, and outreach efforts. Since the creation of this page in March 2021, this resource has been accessed over 19.3K times.

Strategic Partners

We have partnered with Black Girls Hack, Raices Cyber, and Intertribal Education Foundation! We want to dialog with, learn from, and work with these wonderful organizations to better serve underrepresented communities in cybersecurity!

Spotlight Features

Check it out! We are co-hosting the A Chat with Black Professionals in Tech & Cybersecurity” on Tuesday, February 6th, 2024, from 6pm to 7.30pm ET to celebrate Black History Month 2024 with  Black Girls Hack, and the Women in Cybersecurity (Temple Chapter)..

In honor of 2023 Women’s History Month, the CARE Lab is doing a spotlight feature series that will showcase phenomenal women in the cyber/tech/STEM field. We welcome women from a diverse set of fields: industry, government, academia, journalism, and film! Learn more about the amazing women we featured in 2022 and their accomplishments. Want to be featured this year? Click here!

Check out the AAPI academics researching cybersecurity session we did for AAPI Heritage Month 2022.

We are celebrating wonderful organizations and individuals for Hispanic/LatinX Heritage Month. Check out the Hispanic/Latino cybersecurity folks we featured for Hispanic/LatinX Heritage Month 2021.


Our events do not require special tools or labs, resulting in low entry costs. Smaller universities, colleges, and high schools often struggle financially, and may not be able to purchase equipment to develop cybersecurity course projects. Our events can be implemented in high schools, 2-year, and 4-year institutions will little to no cost and free training via the CARE Lab. We are also trying our best to support educators via FREE Educator Workshops, and we compensate high/middle school teachers for their time.


Conventional CTFs require specific skills that limit participation to students possessing technical skills, such as coding, reverse engineering, hacking, cryptography, and exploitation. However, students across ALL disciplines can engage in our events; no specialized skills are required to participate.

Cybersecurity is for everyone, and anyone can participate in our events!