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The CARE Lab hosts social engineering competitions every summer! This event is open to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. We partner with industry, government, and nonprofits to provide students with the best possible experiences and exposure to real world events.

Want to sponsor our event? We are always looking for sponsors (100% of sponsor funds go to the students as prize monies).

Student testimonials

“This event was awesome at showing me how it would be like if I was a social engineer and gave me an excellent opportunity to really see what it’s like. I feel that this event was a great first competition for me and provided me a solid introduction into the world of social engineering.” – 2022 competitor

“This event allowed me to realize that along with the technical components to social engineering, the “soft skills” (persuasion techniques, use of psychology) are also just as important, if not more important. This has also helped give me a boost to my confidence, as I now feel like I do have some of the skills required to be an effective social engineer and have the abilities to further develop my social engineering skills.” – 2022 competitor

“Partaking in this competition was a great experience for me and my team. for the most part we were exposed to another aspect of cybersecurity that is not normally covered in the classes or in most workplaces. So it was quite a learning curve. But overall great experience.” – 2021 competitor

“Very solid experience, would definitely recommend for cyber security professionals to go through competitions like this one.” – 2021 competitor



We make every effort to embrace NSF’s commitment to broadening participation (race, gender, disciplinary backgrounds) in STEM. We are striving to provide a more inclusive approach to cybersecurity education, resulting in training that is easy-to-follow and open to all fields, thus contributing to a well-rounded next generation workforce.