New Publication on Divine Motherhood in Antiquity

From Cybele to Artemisia: Motherhood and Great Mothers of Ancient Anatolia, in Motherhood in the Ancient World. eds. Dana Cooper and Claire Phelan, New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).

This chapter investigates female deities of Ancient Anatolia, in particular Cybele. While I was completing the research, a miraculous event took place. A 2,100 year-old statue of the Goddess was unearthed on top of a mountain, near the Black Sea, in Northern Turkey! Depicting the Goddess for the first time in a seated posture, the statue amazed the archeologists across the world.,100-year-old statue of Cybele the Anatolian mother goddess unearthed in northern Turkey

Research on Civil Rights Drama by Cambridge University Press

The Cambridge Companion to American Civil Rights Literature, March 2015


 Title: “Drama and Performance from Civil Rights to Black Arts”

Civil Rights Movement impacted all aspects of American life, including arts and theater. I analyzed the impact of socio-cultural developments throughout Sixties and Seventies, on African American theater, the Black Arts Movement and timeless productions by renowned playwrights from August Wilson to Amiri Baraka.

Reviews available in Callaloo and Journal of Southern Literature