I believe in excellence, hard work, quality of education, and civility.


Tenured Presidential Professor (Full)

Temple University
Department of Africology and African American Studies
Director, Undergraduate Program, AAAS

Chair, Faculty Senate Status of Women Committee
Philadelphia, Pa. 19122


Post-doctoral Fellow, Fulbright, Temple University, 1988-1989.

Ph.D.  American and African American Studies

M.A.  American Studies, Bowling Green State University, Ohio (With Honors).

Fulbright Scholar, 1978-1979.

Advanced Certificate in English, University of Texas, Austin, TX.

B.A. English Language and Literature, (summa cum laude).

Doctoral Dissertation:

Toward a New Identity of Manhood as Reflected in Dramatic Works of  Le Roi Jones (Amiri Baraka).” Doctoral Advisor: Professor Gonul Ucele

Foreign Language Proficiency:

German (written and oral proficiency)

Turkish (written and oral proficiency)

Greek    (oral proficiency)

Arabic   (oral proficiency)


Books, Single-Authored and or Edited

Dismantling Slavery: Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison and Formation of the Abolitionist Discourse, 1841-1851. The University Press of Tennessee, 2017.

 Women, Islam and Globalization in the Twenty-First Century. 

United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, December, 2009.

Essays Interpreting Writings of Novelist Orhan Pamuk . New York:

Edwin Mellen, 2009.

Contemporary African American Theater: Afrocentricity in the Works of Amiri Baraka, Larry Neal and Charles Fuller. 8th edition, New York: Routledge, 2014; previous editions by Francis Taylor, since 1998.

Selected Book Chapters, Single Authored

Anadolu-Okur, Nilgun. “From Cybele to Artemisia: Motherhood and Great Mothers of Ancient Anatolia,” in Motherhood in the Ancient World. Eds. Dana Cooper and Claire Phelan. (New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). 34 pages, 9200 words.

Anadolu-Okur, Nilgun. “Writing History and Reading Texts: An Afrocentric Narrative of Culture,” in Contemporary Critical Thought in Africology and Africana Studies. Eds. Clyde Ledbetter and Molefi K. Asante. (New York, NY: Lexington Books, 2016), 19 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4985-3070-5.

Anadolu-Okur, Nilgun. “The Enduring Allure of Rumi and Sufism in American Popular Culture,” Muslims and American Popular Culture in Two Volumes. Eds. Iraj Omidvar and Anne Richards. (New York, NY: ABC-Clio, LLC by Praeger, 2014), 36 pages, 11,426 words ISBN-13: 978-0313379628 ISBN-10: 0313379629.

Anadolu-Okur, Nilgun. “Drama and Performance from Civil Rights to Black Arts” in Cambridge Companion to American Civil Rights Literature. Ed. Julie B. Armstrong. (New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2015), 25 pages, 7,500 words, ISBN: 9781107635647.

“Ma’at, Afrocentricity and the Critique of African American Drama,” Molefi Kete Asante and Afrocentricity: In Praise and in Criticism, Ed. Dhyana Ziegler. Nashville, Tennessee: Winston-Derek Publishers Group, 1995.,137-150.



1.”Underground Railroad in American Popular Culture” (In progress)

2. “Disarming the Jupiterian: How Power and Identity Shaped Colonialism” (Edits in progress)


ANNUAL UNDERGROUND RAILROAD CONFERENCE, in February, at TEMPLE UNIVERSITY’s WALK AUDITORIUM (Free and open to all, this is an annual academic and scholarly conference on the history of the Underground Railroad network in the U.S.)

EDITORIAL: (Selected)

Refereed Journal Articles (peer-reviewed) Print and Web

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“How Istanbul’s Cultural Complexities Have Shaped Eight Contemporary Novelists? Tales of Istanbul in Contemporary Fiction by Ayse Naz Bulamur. New York: Mellen, 201 i-vi.

Book Review:

“The Unmaking of Dyson’s Malcolm X: An Afrocentric Review” Journal of Black Studies, 27:1 (September 1996),126-139.

Selections from articles published in refereed journals (Print)

“Foremothers Remembered: An Afrocentric Quest into the Works of Lucy Terry and Phyllis Wheatley,” The International Journal of Africana Studies: National Council for Black Studies 4:1&2 (December 1996), 39-53.

“The Beginning Before the Beginning: An Inquiry upon the Origins of Drama” The International Journal of Black Drama 2:1 (Fall 1996), pp.1-6.

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  • Member, Northeast Modern Language Association, NEMLA
  • Member, Turkish American Studies Association
  • Member, Turkish American Social Scientists Organization
  • Bowling Green State University Alumni Association
  • Aegean Fulbright Alumni Association
  • Rotary International, Broomall, PA.