2018 Speakers

Time Event
11:00 am Workshop: “Extending your skills with ArcGIS Online” led by Esri’s Lauri Dafner.Location: GIS Studio, 1st Floor Gladfelter Hall
1:00  pm Welcome + Lightning Talks

  1. How to Lie with Maps
    Jon Nyquist, Temple University, College of Science and Technology, Department of Earth and Environmental Science
  2. Web-Based Survey Application to Collect Contextually Relevant Geographic Data With Exposure Times: Application Development and Feasibility Testing
    Abby Rudolph, Temple University, College of Public Health Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  3. Impact of Physical Environment on Well-Being and Mood of Individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses
    Eugene Brusilovsky, Temple University, College of Public Health, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
  4. Detection and Mitigation of Spatial and Temporal Bias in Species Distribution Modeling for Seasonal Populations
    Victor Gutierrez-Velez, Temple University, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Geography and Urban Studies
  5. GPS in Our Heads? What Do Behavioral and Neural Data on Navigation Offer to Geography Educators? 
    Nora Newcombe, Temple University, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology
  6. Mapping as Place Narrative
    Gabriel Kaprielian , Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Architecture Department
2:00 pm Keynote: “Mapping to Support a Fair and Accurate 2020 Census and Beyond” Steven Romalewski of CUNY’s Digital Mapping Center 
3:00 pm Lightning Talks

  1. Social Vulnerability Analysis for Spatial Decision Support
    David Lanter, Temple University, Fox School of Business, Management Information Systems
  2. Vision Zero – High Injury Network
    Charlotte Castle, City of Philadelphia, Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems
  3. Office of Space Management – GIS
    Chris Snowadsky, Temple University, Office of Space Management 
  4. Parks and Open Space Digital Asset Management Inventory, Twp of Moorestown, NJ
    Chris Salvatico, AECOM
  5. Stormwater Billing and Incentives
    Jonny Szczesniak, Philadelphia Water Department/Azavea
4:00 pm GIS Jobs Panel

  • Carlos Bonilla, Research Analyst, Econsult Solutions
  • Kevin Frech, Geospatial Technician, BAE Systems, Inc.
  • Marlen Kokaz-Roy, GISP, Weston Solutions
  • Mike Romankiewicz, GIS Supervisor, Stormwater Billing Program, Philadelphia Water Department
  • Sarah Scher, Solution Engineer, ESRI
5:00 pm Poster Session + Reception

  • Temporal-spatial Analysis of Contributors’ Mapping Behavior for OpenStreetMap Building Data (Jin Xu, Temple University, Department of Geography and Urban Studies)
  • Mass Transit options matter for Inventors in PA Metros (Nidhi Mehra)
  • Visualizing Peacebuilding: Affective Networks and the Impossibility of ‘Seeing It All’ (Alexis Saenz Montoya, Temple University, Department of Geography and Urban Studies)
  • Predicting Future Land Use in Philadelphia following Green Infrastructure Policies (Charlotte Shade Villanova University, Department of Geography and the Environment)
  • Tracking Glacier Area Changes in Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, for 1986-2016: A GIS-based Remote Sensing Approach (Xavier Nogueira, Temple University, Department of Earth and Environmental Science)
  • Glacial Features of Northeastern Pennsylvania (Nolan Barrette, Temple University, Department of Earth and Environmental Science)
  • Refugee Resource Map (Fred Behnke, MapSocial)