2018 Keynote: “Mapping to Support a Fair and Accurate 2020 Census and Beyond” with Steven Romalewski

Steven Romalewski will highlight CUNY Mapping Center’s work with civil rights groups and other census advocates across the country to provide maps and spatial analysis to help prioritize local 2020 Census outreach and education efforts focused on “hard to count” populations. This will lead into a discussion of the importance of census data in GIS analysis generally, and in particular for fundamental policy issues such as redistricting.  The team at the CUNY Graduate Center is not the only group working on maps for the 2020 Census, other GIS efforts in this area will also be reviewed.


Steven Romalewski

This year’s keynote speaker Steven Romalewski directs the Mapping Service at the Center for Urban Research at CUNY’s Graduate Center.  The Mapping Service engages with foundations, agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and CUNY researchers to use spatial analysis techniques in applied research projects.  They specialize in online applications providing intuitive access to powerful data sets, displayed visually through interactive maps and other formats.

Romalewski was awarded a Revson Fellowship at Columbia University and received master of science degree in urban planning from Columbia. He also teaches GIS to urban planning students at Pratt Institute.