2017 Speakers


Schedule of Events for GIS Day, November 15, 2017.

All events are in 102 Engineering unless otherwise noted

Time Event
11:00 am Workshop: “Extending your skills with ArcGIS Online” led by Esri’s Lauri Dafner.Location: GIS Studio, 1st Floor Gladfelter Hall
1:00  pm Lightning Talks: Research from Across Temple University

  1. Examining the Validity of Community Mobility and Participation Measures Calculated from GPS Data (Eugene Brusilovskiy, Temple University Department of Rehabilitation Sciences)
  2. Open Sewer Atlas NYC (Korin Tangtrakul, NYC Soil & Water Conservation District)
  3. Delineation of I95 Storm-Drain Catchment Using Terrestrial LiDAR and GIS (Jonathan Nyquist, Temple University Department of Earth and Environmental Science)
  4. Visibility and Maritime Travel in Medieval Orkney (Jennifer Grayburn, Temple University Digital Scholarship Center)
  5. Waterfront Ecologies: Redefining the Urban Edge of the San Francisco Bay (Gabriel Kaprielian, Temple University Tyler School of Art)
  6. Gerrymandering and Local Government Geographic Integrity (Lee Hachadoorian, Temple University Department of Geography and Urban Studies)
2:00 pm Keynote: “GIS for social transformation” with Marianna Pavlovskaya, PhDRead an interview with Dr. Pavlovskaya about her research and role as a mentor, teacher, and critical geographer.
3:00 pm Lightning Talks: Government and Industry

  1. Cesium Community 3D Web Mapping Showcase (Gabby Getz, Cesium)
  2. Geospatial Indices and Their Applications (Derek Mansen, Vistar Media)
  3. Using FEMA’s Flood Risk Products for GIS-Based Flood Hazard Analysis (Daniel Barone, Michael Baker International)
  4. Analyzing Climate Data With GeoPySpark (Jacob Bouffard, Azavea)
  5. A Multi-Scalar Public Health Evaluation: Using GIS with the American Lung Association (Maya Gutierrez, Research & Evaluation Group at Public Health Management Corporation)
4:00 pm GIS Jobs Panel

  • Julia Wolanski (GIS Analyst, Pennoni)
  • Mjumbe Poe (Founder and CTO, FixList)
  • Michelle Schmitt (Officer, Pew Charitable Trusts)
  • Greg Kingery (GIS Analyst, Philadelphia City Council)
  • Bianca Santos (Water Resources Specialist, AKRF, Inc.)
5:00 pm Poster Session + Reception

  • Historic Paving Materials Effect on Free Flow Traffic Speed in Philadelphia (Xavier Noguiera, Temple University Department of Geography and Urban Studies)
  • Interactive Census Explorer (Chris Williams, Enact Development)
  • Urban Greenspace is Associated with Reduced Psychological Stress among Adolescents: A Geographic Ecological Momentary Assessment (GEMA) Analysis of Activity Space (Andreea Ambrus, Temple University Department of Geography and Urban Studies)
  • Unemployment Rates of Women Around the World (Jenny Tran, Conwell-Egan Catholic High School)
  • Spatial Diffusion of Digital Mammography in the United States, 2000-2014 (Kevin Henry, Temple University Department of Geography and Urban Studies)
  • Impervious Area in Langhorne (Seamus Smiley, Conwell-Egan Catholic High School)
  • 3D Campus Model (Matt Quackenbush, Temple University Facilities)
  • Prettyboy Watershed Planning (Bianca Santos, AKRF, Inc.)
  • Cartographic Design Postcards & Posters (Steve Spindler, Temple University Department of Geography and Urban Studies)
  • Fine-Scale Spatial Analysis of Air Pollution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Kate Henderson, Villanova University)