map of the soundwalk experience

Emerge Vol. 3 (2018-2019)

Emerge: Interactive and New Media Work by Temple MSP Students in Klein College
Faculty Curators: Prof. Laura Zaylea & Dr. Adrienne Shaw

Department of Media Studies and Production
Klein College of Media and Communication
Temple University

ISSUE THREE: 2018-2019

A is for Augmented Reality

Panoramic Post by Katelyn Barbour

Augmented Business Card, Cover Letter, and Resume by Jake Zebley

Augmented Boxing Fliers by Brian Ortiz

Augmented Postcard Series by Yige Yu

Curatorial Statement by Dr. Adrienne Shaw

E is for Emergent (360° Videos)

Act for a Better Tomorrow by Tori Delhagan and Tasnim Hasan

Panoptic Break by Kenza Bousseloub, Julia Grimaldi, Ariel Ren, Matthew O’Toole

Meditation Video by Cameron Morris, Kiera Solomon, Ian Vantroba

Cookie by Julia Prevost, Kylie Scheidlmeier, Samantha Modal, Andrew Arjun

Curatorial Statement by Prof. Laura Zaylea

I is for Interactive

What’s For Dinner? by Marco DeLuca

Winter Break 2019 by Maria DiPietro

Art of the Argument by Ray Dunne

How To Make Slime by Gia Ponce

Collegiate Experience by Alex Zelger

Curatorial Statement by Dr. Adrienne Shaw

O is for Outside (Soundwalks)

The Life of Stan by Preston Branch

Workout by Kyle Broaddus

Temple Tour Sound Walk by Joseph Allen Cayanong

Philadelphia Soundwalk by Sahvannah Morrison

Curatorial Statement by Prof. Laura Zaylea

U is for You! Spotlight on Emergent Media Makers

A conversation with Jessica Evans, Massimo Marchiano, and Emily Menta: Producing interactive videos

A conversation with Yiming Fu and Ariel Ren: Using augmented reality to promote Chinese art and culture

A conversation with Tori Delhagen: Filming a 360° video with a message about climate change

A conversation with Laura Carvajal, Alex Francis, Julia Grimaldi, Tasnim Hasan, and Cameron Morris: Filming 360° immersive videos