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Welcome to the second issue of Emerge!

Emerge: Interactive and New Media Work by Temple MSP Students in Klein College
Faculty Curators: Prof. Laura Zaylea & Dr. Adrienne Shaw

Department of Media Studies and Production
Klein College of Media and Communication
Temple University

ISSUE TWO: 2017-2018

A is for Augmented Reality

Pedro Diaz, Sydney Ferrara, Julie White, “Cost” (augmented magazine)

Jim Leyden, “Aura” (augmented reality posters)

Harrison Schneider, “Energy” (augmented reality posters)

Curatorial Statement by Prof. Laura Zaylea

E is for Emergent (360 Videos)

Jim Leyden, “Toys” (360° video)

Jin Kim, Po-Hsien Lee, Chrisitna Lew, Chunxue Li, Yuanzhuo Wang, Zhaochen Zhang, “Due Date” (360° video)

Chunxue Li, Eric O’Neill, Yuanzhuo Wang, Zhaochen Zhang, “Tip of My Tongue” (360° video)

Curatorial Statement by Prof. Laura Zaylea

I is for Interactive 

Peyton Embree, “Portrait of a Busker” (interactive mobile story)

Kenny Thach, “Okay” (Twine game/zine)

Jeremy Meglen, “A Hero’s Quest” (Twine game/zine)

Rowan Butler, “pretty okay but not the best zine” (Twine game/zine)

Sebastian Braccia, “Lucid Dreams” (Wix-based mobile zine)

Curatorial Statement by Dr. Adrienne Shaw

O is for Online (Podcasts)

Zach Jaworski, Music Matters: The Beatbox Showcase

Anthony Cruz, Police Brutality & Fruitvale Station

Doug Weinreich, Technology and Culture: I, Robot

Nirvan West, Kentucky Route Zero

Curatorial Statement by Dr. Adrienne Shaw

U is for You! Spotlight on Emergent Media Makers

Brooke de Zutter, Jacob Segelbaum, Emma Quinn, Rachael Petersen, Josh West “Monumental Change” (documentary)

Chris Lumsden, Hoa “Ivy” Nguyen, Bridget O’Hara, Kelsi Smith, Matthew Ward,  “Encore: Music Education for Social Change” (documentary)

Yuanzhuo Wang, “2018 Spring Festival Memory” (documentary)

Chunxue Li, “My Name Is” (documentary)

Zhaochen Zhang, “Peking Opera Overseas” (documentary)

Curatorial Statement by Dr. Kristine Weatherston