I is for Interactive

Featured Projects:


What’s For Dinner? by Marco DeLuca

Winter Break 2019 by Maria Di Pietro

Art of the Argument by Ray Dunne

How To Make Slime by Gia Ponce

Collegiate Experience by Alex Zelger

Featured projects were created in MSP4541: Mobile Media with Dr. Adrienne Shaw and Prof. Laura Zaylea (Fall, 2019)

Curatorial Statement by Dr. Adrienne Shaw:

Interactive storytelling can involve a wide range of formats, from “choose your own adventure” books to epic digital games with multiple endings and characters. Although not new, increasingly major producers are creating television shows and films that utilize interactive narrative forms. From a creative perspective the key challenge of making these projects is giving the audience a meaningful choice (i.e. there is a tangible impact of the choice in what they see next) and making a compelling enough product that they want to engage in the experience again and again. For this project students used Eko Studio, a free online tool that produces easily customizable interactive videos which can then be shared across a variety of distribution platforms. The projects highlighted here all share those key features of meaningful choice and repeatability, even as their content and audience ranges from a craft video for children to home cooking demonstration to average college student experiences like balancing grades and fun, arguing with friends, and traveling.


Try it out!

These videos are interactive, which means that text choices will appear on screen periodically and you will get to choose the direction of the video from that point forward. Click the links below to watch the interactive projects. These should play in any browser though they seem to be most compatible with Chrome. If your browser or device will not support the interactivity, please watch the documentation video to see a non-interactive walk-through of each project. Interactive projects are posted on a platform called Eko and documentation videos are posted on YouTube.

What’s For Dinner? by Marco DeLuca (watch on Eko or YouTube)

Winter Break 2019 by Maria Di Pietro (watch on Eko or YouTube)

Art of the Argument by Ray Dunne (watch on Eko or YouTube)

How To Make Slime by Gia Ponce (watch on Eko or YouTube)

Collegiate Experience by Alex Zelger (watch on Eko or YouTube)

You can also check out U is for You: Conversations with Student Media Creators to hear students Massimo Marchiano, Jessica Evans and Emily Menta talk about producing interactive video projects.