Featured Projects:

Act for a Better Tomorrow by Tori Delhagan and Tasnim Hasan

Panoptic Break by Kenza Bousseloub, Julia Grimaldi, Ariel Ren, Matthew O’Toole

Meditation Video by Cameron Morris, Kiera Solomon, Ian Vantroba

Cookie by Julia Prevost, Kylie Scheidlmeier, Samantha Modal, Andrew Arjun

Featured projects were created in MSP4741/8741: Emergent Media Production with Prof. Laura Zaylea (Fall, 2018 and Fall, 2019), working in collaboration with MSP4446/8446: Psychological Process of Media with Dr. Matthew Lombard


Curatorial Statement by Prof. Laura Zaylea:

For the past three years, student media creators in Emergent Media Production (with Prof. Laura Zaylea) have collaborated with student research teams in Psychological Processing of Media (with Dr. Matthew Lombard) to create innovative 360° immersive videos guided by presence theory. Presence research guides production choices, which are then evaluated in original, student-lead research studies. This theory-production collaboration lead to the videos featured above, in which the camera (and by extension also you, the viewer) is placed in a food basket, in a dreamlike internet search, and in the oven. Dancers jump over you. Water flows under you. Immersive video is relatively new, compared to other cinematic and time-based media forms, and its stylistic conventions are still developing. This time of newness opens possibilities for creative makers.


Try it out!

When you watch a 360° video, you will be able to look in any direction at any time. The way you experience the video is up to you! All of these videos are posted on YouTube, and you will be able to watch them on a head-mounted display or on a smartphone, tablet or computer. On a phone or tablet, move your device around to look in different directions within the moving image, or you can navigate by touching the screen with your finger and scrolling in any direction. If the image shows up as a wide rectangle and does not allow you to change your angle of view, you may need to use the YouTube app rather than a web browser. On a computer, you will see a navigation arrow in the top left corner. If you wish to use a head-mounted display, make sure to click the viewer icon in the lower righthand corner of the image (and the image will appear into two side-by-side boxes).

Act for a Better Tomorrow  (play immersive video) (play documentation video)

Panoptic Break  (play immersive video) (play documentation video)

Meditation Video (play immersive video) (play documentation video)

Cookie (play immersive video) (play documentation video)

You can also check out U is for You: Conversations with Student Media Creators to hear students talk about producing 360° immersive video projects.