Featured Projects:

Reminiscing in the Rain
By Sara Catelli
Audio project, map, paper

Wandering the Garden
By Sinéad Doyle
Audio project, map, paper

The Bells
By Thomas McHale
Audio project, map

Happy to be here 
By Julia Scheffler
Audio project, map, paper, documentation video

A Day in Kyoto 
By Yasmine Watkins
Audio project, map, paper

Curatorial Statement:

These audio projects were created for MSP 4541: Mobile Media, co-taught by Dr. Adrienne Shaw and Professor Laura Zaylea in Fall 2022. The goal of these audio projects was to their understanding of the geolocative possibilities of mobile media to create projects that form a relationship between sound and the experience of being in – and moving through – a space and reflecting upon the objects within it. They were also asked to comment upon the mobility of sound recordings. These four projects reflect a range of possible approaches to such a project. All projects were required to be submitted with a map to show the path through the space (real or imagined) and have research papers that connect these projects to academic literature on mobile audio and the geolocative possibilities of mobile media.

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