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E is for Emergent (Augmented Reality Projects)


Scrapbooks and more:

Curatorial Statement by Dr. Adrienne Shaw and Prof. Laura Zaylea

Curatorial Statement:

Once again, we are excited to highlight augmented reality projects in our E-is-for-Emergent category. These projects were created in MSP 4541: Mobile Media with Dr. Adrienne Shaw and Prof. Laura Zaylea, and MSP 4741/8741: Emergent Media Production with Prof. Laura Zaylea.

The Mobile Media projects are postcards designed in conversation with media scholarship, and corresponding research papers explain these connections. From Emergent Media Production, one complete scrapbook is highlighted here along with a video of interviews showcasing projects in multiple forms: a travel book, a record player, two memory books and a sticker collection.

All of these projects are augmented with an app called ARtivive. To experience these projects, please download the app (it’s free!), download the images, scan images with ARtivive, and enjoy!

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