O is for Outside (Soundwalks)

Featured Projects:


The Life of Stan by Preston Branch

Workout by Kyle Broaddus

Temple Tour Sound Walk by Joseph Allen Cayanong

Philadelphia Soundwalk by Sahvannah Morrison

Featured projects were created in MSP4541: Mobile Media with Dr. Adrienne Shaw and Prof. Laura Zaylea (Fall, 2019)


Curatorial Statement by Prof. Laura Zaylea:

To experience a soundwalk is to physically move through space while your attention is on listening. While many soundwalks include a prerecorded audio file, the experience of listening to this same recording changes based on what you encounter as you physically move through space. As environmental sounds mix with recorded sounds, as smells and sensations awaken your senses, as the act of walking (or otherwise physically moving through a space) makes listening an embodied experience, and as people in your environment seem to suddenly personify the characters or sounds you hear, the soundwalk invites the listener to a vivid and multisensory experience. The projects featured here include various stylistic approaches, including two walking tours (one of Temple’s campus, one within the city of Philadelphia), a guided exercise routine, and a meditative story of hope and perseverance.

Try it out!

Load soundwalks on any mobile device and move through space as you actively listen. The first two can be experienced in nearly any space (although the Life of Stan is best experienced on a college campus), where as the maps for the second two show you where in Philadelphia the soundwalks are meant to be experienced.



The Life of Stan by Preston Branch


Workout by Kyle Broaddus


Temple Tour Sound Walk by Joseph Allen Cayanong (Map)



Philadelphia Soundwalk by Sahvannah Morrison (Map) (Video)