Annual Black History and Underground Railroad Conference Themes (2017-2019): Emancipation, Equal Rights, Education

In 2019 the Conference celebrated its 16th year and featured “Black Education in Philadelphia” as its theme.

At Temple University we are proud to organize the only academic and annual conference on Underground Railroad history. The conference is free and open to public. Please contact us in January for the conference dates which takes place in February, on our main campus, conveniently located, close to subway and railroad stations in North East Philly.

Wednesday February 13, 2019
Walk Auditorium, Ritter Hall, Main Campus

The 14th Annual Black History and Underground Railroad Conference was one of the best attended by students and Civil War scholars on February 15, 2017

Free and Open to the Public; AAAS students always receive extra credit for attending!

Co-founders: Dr. Nilgun A. Okur and Dr. Andy Waskie

Sponsored by AAAS Department and Civil War Museum