This past April, the Digital Scholarship Center hosted lightning round presentations to showcase the digital research of its Faculty Fellows, Graduate Externs, and Digital Scholars. The scholars presented their 2016-2017 digital projects in a series of five-minute talks, describing how they used digital methods (e.g. textual and network analysis, digital mapping, 3D modeling) to answer new research questions in the humanities and social sciences. These presentations are now available online on the TU Libraries website.

Lightning Round Program:

Peter Logan (Academic Director, DSC)

Kaelin Jewell (Graduate Extern, Art History)
Reconstructing Anician Monuments within Sketchup

Jennifer Grayburn (CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow, DSC)
GIS Viewshed Analysis and the Visibility of St. Magnus Cathedral

Elisabeth Fornaro (Digital Scholar, Education)
K-12 Service-Learning Community of Practice

Rob Jagiela (Digital Scholar, English)
Visualized Patterns of Sentiment and Plot Structure

Catherine Murray (Digital Scholar, History)
Women’s Captivity Narratives

Alexandra Straub (Digital Scholar, History)
Environmental Initiatives and the Coal Economy

Andrea Siotto (Graduate Extern, History)
New Eyes over the Battlefield

Paige Gibson (Digital Scholar, Media & Communication)
Zeitraum: The Mediation of Time and Space in Berlin

Juan Larrosa-Fuentes (Digital Scholar, Media & Communication)
Digital Latino Outreach in the 2016 Election

Hojeong Lee (Digital Scholar, Media & Communication)
Korean Digital Diaspora’s Grassroots Movements

Luling Huang (Graduate Extern, Media & Communication)
Common Ground and Disagreement in Online Political Discussion

Adrienne Shaw (Faculty Fellow, Media Studies & Production)
The LGBTQ Game Archive

Colin Chamberlain (Faculty Fellow, Philosophy)
I Think Therefore I am… But What am I?

Aja Binette (Graduate Extern, Political Science)
Environmental NGOs & Climate Change Negotiations

AJ Young (Digital Scholar, Sociology)
Transgender Represenation in the Lambda Literary Awards