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TCALC Widens the Path Toward a Temple Degree with New Scholarships and Support Services

New for Fall 2022, Temple University is offering long-awaited scholarships created specifically for its Conditional Admission Program (CAP) graduates. 

These CAP Advantage scholarships pave the way for Temple Center for American Language and Culture (TCALC) CAP graduates, currently applying to CAP, to make an even smoother and easier transition to becoming full-time Temple students. The scholarships are available to the first 30 students who commit to CAP for Fall 2022. The selected students will receive the scholarships once they complete CAP 3, the highest level of the program.

“We recognize how difficult this time is — both financially and with making long-term plans. Our hope is that these CAP Advantage scholarships will motivate students to start their university studies now, and by doing so, they will be rewarded,” said TCALC Director, Jackie McCafferty. 

Designed to support non-native English-speaking students who do not have the language scores needed for direct admission, the Conditional Admission Program provides a path for international students who are otherwise ready and eligible to attend university, to improve their English. The program also gives these students support for credit-bearing classes, English language courses, specialized tutoring, and academic advising. TCALC’s white-glove support and guidance begins with students’ arrival to campus and continues through the celebration of their graduation.

With few other eligibility requirements besides matriculating into the university after successfully completing CAP 3, CAP Advantage scholarships do not require an additional application, allowing students to focus on their next step — graduation from Temple University.

Merit-based scholarships, another scholarship option for students who show strong academic records, are offered through Temple’s International Admissions Office. These extremely competitive scholarships have been available to CAP students since 2019. As with CAP Advantage scholarships, students don’t need to fill out a separate application to be considered.

Together, the CAP Advantage and merit-based scholarships, can potentially offer eligible CAP graduates financial assistance totaling up to $14,500.

“We recognize how difficult this time is — both financially and with making long-term plans. Our hope is that these CAP Advantage scholarships will motivate students to start their university studies now, and by doing so, they will be rewarded.”

—Jackie McCafferty, TCALC Director

New CAP Community

Along with the new scholarship, TCALC has also gone a step further in elevating its CAP student services. The center now offers an entire support system called the CAP Community. Alongside extra academic support and traditionally offered events like visits to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and excursions to New York City, TCALC has added community-building and created engagement opportunities university-wide for its students.

This engagement will better prepare students for the social and professional interactions needed for success at Temple and beyond. Working with academic advisors, building resumes and interviewing skills, and meeting professors across campus, CAP students will be able to matriculate into the university with greater confidence and have a strong foundation for their continued studies and professional aspirations. 

“It is especially rewarding to meet CAP alumni and see how confident and successful they are as undergrads,” said Mary Scholl, a CAP Instructor for the past five years.

As part of CAP Community support, CAP students will meet with their advisor for a weekly check-in session to ensure their academic success and help them adjust to their new life in the United States. From sharing tips on how to make new friends through sports, clubs, or volunteer efforts, to assisting with career planning and leadership development, the CAP advisor will be a constant in the student journey. Also, and particularly important during these often difficult times in which the world has struggled with COVID, advisors will check in on students’ mental and physical health. 

“Every country is in a different stage of this pandemic, and here in the U.S., we are emerging and learning to live with COVID as an endemic,” said Jackie McCafferty. “Temple has created a very COVID-safe environment that is allowing us to say to the world — come and study with us.”

TCALC is hopeful that future Conditional Admission Program students will heed the call. 

By Janice Duenas-McKnight, Assistant Director for Special Programs, Temple Center for American Language and Culture (TCALC)
Photo by Ivy Hoa Nguyen, Marketing Coordinator

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