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Definition of Owltopia, a community that possesses highly desirable qualities that allow our globally minded Temple Owls to thrive. Temple's mascot, the owl, represents wisdom, knowledge, resourcefulness and courage.

Vice President for International Affairs 
Hai-Lung Dai, PhD

Assistant Vice President for International Programs & Admissions
Erika Clemons

Assistant Vice President for International Services & Cultural Activities
Martyn J. Miller, PhD

Editor in Chief
Lisa Z. Meritz

Suzanne Willever, PhD

Copy Editor
Ashley E. Phifer

Website Designer
Ivy Hoa Nguyen

Marketing Manager
Stephen G. Hesson

Evan Bossio
Renata Buscher Kaminski, KLN ’22
Janice Duenas-McKnight
Suzanne Willever, PhD

Elliza O’Grady, KLN ’23
Achi Peralta Espinal, TYL ’22

Past Contributors

Rachel V. Jenkins

Owltopia Logo Illustrator
Victoria E. Iannarelli, KLN ’21

Hillel Hoffmann
Rachel V. Jenkins

Harry Cen, TYL ’21
Lisa Huang, TYL ’21
Victoria E. Iannarelli, KLN ’21
Taylor Zhu, TYL ’21

Video Editor
Dan Hyon, TFM ’20

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