Fracture flow and urban hydrology publications

Two new publications were recently accepted working with external collaborators:

Quantifying stream-loss recovery in a spring using dual-tracer injections in the Snake Creek Drainage, Great Basin National Park, Nevada, USA by  C. Eric Humphrey*, Philip M. Gardner, Lawrence E. Spangler, Nora C. Nelson, Laura Toran, D. Kip Solomon

Accepted, Hydrogeology Journal

*PhD student of Kip Solomon’s at the University of Utah


Integrating urban water fluxes and moving beyond impervious surface cover: A review

Claire J. Oswald, Christa Kelleher, Sarah H. Ledford, Kristina G. Hopkins, Anneliese Sytsma, Doerthe Tetzlaff, Laura Toran, Carolyn Voter

Accepted Journal of Hydrology

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