Undergraduate research

I have conducted research with over 40 undergraduate students at Temple University. There was a hiatus during initial Covid years due to reduced laboratory access.


Bri Radke: Sediment and turbidity monitoring at Pennypack Creek USGS stations


Jeremy, Bojan, Emilie, Bri, and Ashleigh

Emilie Tannert-Schmidt: Microplastics and sediment filtering (working with grad student Ashleigh Kirker)

Jeremy Eland: Stream sampling for Critical Zone Network (working with grad student Bojan Milinic)

Francesca Navarro: GIS mapping of karst data sets (working with grad student Michael Jones at the University of Arkansas)

Erin Spross Long term nitrate variation in karst springs


Chris Kobol Understanding thermal signatures in urban watersheds using drones and GIS

Kate Lyons Nutrient and sediment concentrations in urban storm basin runoff: understanding green stormwater infrastructure efficiency  (Francis Velay Scholar program)


Leanne Wiskemann, Origin of sediment-bound phosphorus in an urban stream (Francis Velay Scholar program)
Ashlynn Young, water quality and quantify above and below a retention basin
Oliva D’Oliveria, water quality before and after retrofit of a retention basin

Arnetia Carroll, stormwater monitoring in karst springs
Hayley Dashnaw,nutrients in urban stream sediments
Trevor Murray, temperature monitoring of groundwater-surface water interaction
Tyler Wong (with Dr Nyquist), geophysical monitoring of stormwater tracer tests

SUMMER 2016:
Marley Chertok, turbidity monitoring, Wissahickon
Rachel Crowley, karst spring sampling (Francis Velay Scholar program)
Paul O’Neill (with Dr Nyquist), geophysical monitoring of infiltration


Marley Chertok measuring streamflow with Postdoc Sarah Ledford


Rachel Crowley collecting spring sample with PhD candidate Jim Berglund


Paul O’Neill using EM Profiler on SERC retention basin before sprinkler test

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