Infiltration studies and hydrogeophysics

Groundwater recharge is difficult to measure and the role of macropores is not well-understood. We are exploring use of geophysical techniques to map infiltration in natural settings at the NSF-funded Critical Zone Observatories (CZOs) and Critical Zone Network Philadelphia Urban site.

See also the Groundwater-surface water tab for other hydrogeophysical studies

RECENT FUNDING: National Science Foundation, Urban Critical Zone processes along the Piedmont-Coastal Plain transition. 2020-2025

PAST FUNDING:   We received subcontracts and seed grants from Penn State University to work on their National Science Foundation-funded CZO. We also were granted access to the Christiana River CZO to conduct studies on their site.

survey_tentResistivity survey in the rain infiltrometer_CRB

Soil infiltrometer

bedrock_fracsBedrock fractures
gpr_surveyGPR survey excavationTrench excavation shale_dyeDye trace in soil


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