Writing during a data logging break

We pulled our urban monitoring data loggers  and karst spring ISCO samplers to keep them from freezing over the winter and do some calibration.  Looking at all of the data we collected inspired us to write up some of the recent data for a special issue of WRR on nutrient sensors (Ledford and Toran).  We’ll see if our short monitoring period downstream of the WWTPs generates enough interest to pass the review process!

Our group submitted two regional GSA abstracts, one on measuring CO2 in karst springs and one on temperature signals in karst springs.  In addition we submitted an abstract to the PA Groundwater symposium on REE in karst springs.

Also need to use this break to get our data uploaded to the Hydroshare database so that we have it registered.  Maybe I’ll report back at the end of the month on that task.


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