Abstracts for GSA in Denver

GSA is early this year, but we still managed to put together 5 presentations for Denver.  Three talks on karst springs, one on microbial communities in urban streams, and one on our new education grant.  Co-authors and titles are listed below!

Toran, Laura, Berglund, James L., Crowley, Rachel, Herman, Ellen K. and Barna, Joshua.  2016.  Revisiting spring classification using continuous data loggers (Invited Presentation).

Ledford, Sarah H., Price, Jacob R., Ryan, Michael, Perez, Lin B., Sales, Christopher M. and Toran, Laura. 2016.  Using a multi-parameter biogeological approach to track the impact of treated sewage discharge on urban streams.

Toran, Laura, Nyquist, Jonathan E., Davatzes, Alexandra K. and Brandt, Carol. 2016. A new GeoPath-funded initiative on career paths for urban geoscientists.

Berglund, James, Toran, Laura Herman, Ellen, and Vesper, Dorothy.  2016 Variations in REE signatures as indicators of recharge area and flow path length in karst springs.

Barna, Joshua, Fink, Madison S., Toran, Laura, Berglund, James L. and Herman, Ellen K. 2016. CO2 storm hysteresis in karst springs.

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