Advisor Documentation Updated

The Roadmap and Plan Builder Workbook for advisors has been updated and includes new information that reflects our most-up-to-date procedures for Roadmap creation.


A style guide has also been added to the Advisors’ section of the Resources page so that advisors can use it as a quick reference to stylistic preferences for Roadmaps.


Roadmap and Plan Builder – uDirect Roadmaps Workbook V21

Roadmap and Plan Builder – Style Guide V3

Documentation Updated

Our Resources page has been updated to include new versions of our informational workbooks on the Plan Builder (for students) and the Roadmap and Plan Builder system (for advisors). These new versions better reflect the system after the latest version upgrade, and we encourage all users to download these new versions.

DARS uDirect Student Plan Builder Workbook V18

DARS uDirect Roadmaps Workbook V20

DARS Updated

DARS has been upgraded to include new functionality. Soon, Temple students admitted in fall 2016 or later will be able to view an 8-semester “Roadmap” for their major. Additionally, they will be able to create their own “Plans” to map out the progression of the coursework needed to graduate in 4 years!

Advising departments will notify students as Roadmaps become available for their specific majors.