Website Theme Updated

To keep the site up-to-date and secure, our WordPress Theme has been changed from our previous theme (which is now unsupported) to our new one. Some site pages have also undergone minor redesign. We hope you enjoy the new site look and feel!

Site Pages Updated

The page detailing the pilot program for the Plan Builder has been removed from the website due to the Student Plans having previously exited the pilot and become available for the entire university. The Student Plan Report has gained a page for advisors to use as a reference point.

Student Plan Report Launched

A new report has been created that allows advisors to see the contents of the Plans built by students in their school or college. It is a handy one-stop-shop for info about all student plans: Advisors are able to filter by semester, by student, by major, or by other attributes, and the report only has to be run once to get data for all of the school or college’s students, making it much faster than running individual students’ Plans.

Here is a link for advisors on how to access the Student Plan Report:

Student Plan Report Instructions

Advisor Documentation Updated

The Roadmap and Plan Builder Workbook for advisors has been updated and includes new information that reflects our most-up-to-date procedures for Roadmap creation.


A style guide has also been added to the Advisors’ section of the Resources page so that advisors can use it as a quick reference to stylistic preferences for Roadmaps.


Roadmap and Plan Builder – uDirect Roadmaps Workbook V21

Roadmap and Plan Builder – Style Guide V3