DARS Update And Student Access

The University announced an upgrade for DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) on September 13th.
This upgrade provides increased functionality with the latest technology and includes a Self-Service application. Students and Advisors will be able to use the Self-Service site to request audits of degree requirements, view course history and review transfer credit evaluations.
Temple students will still access DARS through http://tuportal.temple.edu. To do so, students can select the Student Tools tab, and then, in the Records channel, click on Degree Audit. The direct link is http://dars.temple.edu.

DARS Advisor Log-On

Academic and Faculty Advisors can also access DARS through http://tuportal.temple.edu.

Log in, click on the Self-Service Banner link, and then the Faculty and Advisor button to access the Advisor Menu to request a degree audit. A training guide will be in the Banner Resource Center tab, under the Student menu and list of “Training Materials and Recorded Sessions.” See “Submit a Degree Audit.”