TUARC has a very high frequency/ultra high frequency (VHF/UHF) covering the Amateur Radio bands for VHF at 2 meters (144-148 MHz) and UHF at 70 centimeters (420-450 MHz) and 23 centimeters (1240-1300 MHz). The 2 meter VHF transceiver is a 25 watt ICOM IC-271A with a Mirage B2516G 160 watt transmit amplifier and receiving preamplifier and a Mirage MP2 wattmeter. The 70 centimeter UHF transceiver is a 25 watt ICOM IC-471VHF/UHF Yagi AntennaA with a Mirage D1010 100 watt transmit amplifier and a Mirage MP3 wattmeter. The 23 centimeter UHF transceiver is a 10 watt ICOM IC-1271A and a Heathkit IM-4190 wattmeter.

A 2 meter Directive Systems DSF0144-12 Yagi antenna, a 70 centimeter Directive Systems DSF0432-25 Yagi antenna and a 23 centimeter M2 23CM35 Yagi antenna is mounted on the north side tower.

TUARC has a D-STAR USB vocoder for digital voice over the Internet communication.

VHF/UHF station